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How We’re Responding During this Pandemic

At Daulton PT and Fitness, we hold the highest standards in providing an environment that promotes health and wellness for our patients and teams. In these unprecedented times, we remain diligent in maintaining the recommended safeguards in our clinic. 

Actions taken include:

  • Providing sanitizing stations at our entrance 

  • Using a screening process with patients arriving at our clinic

  • Disinfecting equipment after each use using Norwex cloths and Melaluca disinfecting sprays as well as alcohol-based cleaners

  • Disinfecting common areas multiple times per day

  • Removing convenience items from reception desks, lobbies, and waiting areas

  • Posting reminders about proper techniques for handwashing, sneezing or avoiding facial contact

We're also proactively promoting virtual visits as an alternative and secure way to continue care for many patients. For patients who need hands-on treatment, pain relief, or injury assessments, our therapists are available and diligent in providing safe and effective care in the clinic. 

The challenges associated with this pandemic are continually evolving. We will evolve along with them by closely monitoring new information shared by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other health agencies and taking thoughtful and deliberate action that prioritizes the health of our patients, therapist, and employees as we move forward.

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