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Real Patients. Real Results.

Helping you get back to a pain-free LIFE

"Having suffered a spine injury due to a fall a number of years ago, and following extensive physical therapy elsewhere, I was told there was nothing more they could do to help me. Fortunately for me, my doctor felt this was not necessarily the case! She sent me to Jolene Daulton of Daulton Physical Therapy. Jolene's pursuit of ongoing training in the Strain Counterstrain technique has totally changed my progress. This revolutionary manipulation technique has given me hope again! I am forever grateful to Jolene!"  

- Darcy (Hudson, WI)​

"Jolene Daulton is truly a masterful healer, seeing the body and mind as systems and knowing how to work with them, not against them. When I first came to her with hip problems, she carefully analyzed my range of movement from the neck down, finding resistance in both the Achilles tendons and the neck that affected my hips. Her gentle work of manipulating these areas and my homework of stretching them brought relief and healing to my hips and upper shoulders. it was amazing to watch her work, seeing the connections and knowing how to artfully address them for repair and restoration. She also gave me new pathways for thinking that changed how I looked at my body and what it needs. She aims to teach long-term self-care not dependence upon her for health and comfort. I could not recommend her highly enough." 

-Marybeth  (Hudson, WI)

“I cannot say enough good things regarding the staff and treatments I have received from Daulton PT. From the minute you walk in the door, you are greeted with a warm smile and friendly hello. During your appointment, each therapist listens to how you are feeling and assesses your symptoms in order to provide the best therapy treatment and pain relief based on your current condition. I have been a patient of Daulton PT for the past year following a car accident where I was rear-ended and sustained substantial injury to my neck and lower back. When I arrived for my initial treatment, I could barely walk. I honestly do not know where I would be today without the therapy I have received and cannot thank Jolene and her staff enough for everything they have done to improve my quality of life both physically and mentally.”   

- 51 year old patient who suffers from pain after car accident

"I am so glad that your PT practice exists and that it is in Hudson! This week, an extended family member and the mother of my best friend since I was 3 were treated by Emanuele, and they both have rave reviews and are so hopeful. One has been suffering with really complex stuff for a few years and has been looking anywhere and everywhere for healing. The other has found relief with treatment by a SCS PT in the Twin Cities, but she can't get on that schedule for a couple months. Each person told me how wonderful Emanuele is after their respective first appointment this week!"

- Elizabeth (Minneapolis, MN)

“Daulton Physical Therapy has helped me function without pain and stiffness, which is just amazing - I haven’t felt this good for a long time! I have more energy and am able to get a full night’s sleep, which also hasn’t happened for a long time. I’m so thankful for the great therapists that have helped me get back to normal!”   

- 70 year old patient who suffered from chronic pain for years

"Jolene was successful in treating issues that have been affecting my quality of life for years. She is also very good at teaching exercises and practices that aid in your recovery and strengthening.”  

- 57 year old patient who had chronic pain


"Emanuele is AWESOME!! A true healer -- thank you”  

- Anonymous patient, 2018

“Jolene is amazing. She is extremely knowledgeable and helpful by offering suggestions and tips to improve my health. She is committed to her work and it shows!” 

- 50 year old patient who suffers from neck and shoulder pain

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