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Helping you get back to a pain-free LIFE

"Both Alyssa and Emanuele are amazing! Lately I have have had trigger point therapy (aka: dry needling) done by Alyssa. She is beyond amazing and helped me so much. Trigger point therapy is not acupuncture, and its results, at least for me, are better than that of acupuncture. If other practitioners have not provided the relief that you are seeking (and deserve) from other therapies, then by all means try the non-traditional techniques (examples: counter strain & trigger point therapy) that this place offers."

"Daulton PT is a godsend!! So grateful my brother and family found this clinic, and recommended them to me! I started seeing them regularly for chronic pain last year, as I likely have some form of EDS, along with many other health issues, AND was in the waiting period to get a total hip replacement. After having my hip replacement early January, I started seeing them again, and it has been so helpful. All the therapists I’ve seen so far have been amazing, Desiree, Elizabeth, Kelly, & Emanuel. The last couple of sessions I’ve seen Elizabeth, and I see her again next week.

Between the strain and Counterstrain work here at Daulton, and my regular post surgery PT, we’ve been trying to tackle my very stubborn, and tender hip abductor muscles that have been so guarded for years, causing me to not be able to reach that foot at all, and/or without intense pain. So much that I have honestly been feeling a bit hopeless, like I am recovering slower than I should. Well when I saw Elizabeth this past Monday, she found some areas correlating with those abductor muscles that we hadn’t tackled just yet. Left my appt knowing that it can take a few days to truly feel the results, or a couple of sessions if things are extra stubborn. But Tuesday night I was suddenly able to reach my toes, and when I realized it I started bawling. This morning I put my right sock on without the use of me left foot, or a sock assist. To say I’m ecstatic to finally have a breakthrough, is a VAST understatement. Again, all the therapists I’ve seen are incredibly knowledgeable, and amazing at what they do, you cannot go wrong scheduling with any of them. But Elizabeth really knocked it out of the park for me this week. <3"

"Daulton Physical Therapy is awesome! I have been working with Emanuele Marchisio.
In one free 30 minute session, he relieved my leg pain that was an 8-9/10 pain to 1-2/10.
In the second session, which was my first paying session, he worked on jaw issues I have from clenching my jaw that have also been affecting my neck. Years of tension relieved in a session! He also worked on some very old scar tissue along my ribcage that now feels amazing!
This Bodywork style Emanuele Marchisio uses is amazing and I highly recommend him and Daulton Physical Therapy! Worth the drive to Hudson WI."

"I feel so much better after being at Dalton with my PT Elizabeth. I have been to many PT places over many years and I would place Dalton in my top two best ever places to go. Elizabeth listens each time to my concerns and addresses them and more. She takes her time with me and never makes me feel rushed. She takes her time explaining what I should and shouldn’t be doing at home. I love going to Dalton PT."

"I decided to try Daulton Physical Therapy last fall for a tailbone issue I was having. I was so impressed by their different approach and techniques that I decided to have them do my Therapy after my recent knee replacement as well. I’m so happy I did. They take care of the whole body, not just the one affected area. I believe this whole body approach is making a huge difference in my recovery."

"I have found this place to be incredibly helpful. I have seen results in just 2 sessions. The therapists all work so well together I have no concerns seeing any of them. You will not be disappointed if you seek help at this clinic."


"Jolene, at Daulton Physical Therapy, has been a Godsend to me. She has helped me more than I can say, and I highly recommend her and her team. Thank you, Jolene and Daulton Physical Therapy!! You are the best!!"

“Their unique style of PT works very well for me! Staff are always pleasant and helpful. All of the PT are very knowledgeable!” 

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