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Reformer Workout

Pilates: Private Instruction and Group Classes

STOTT PILATES® is a contemporary approach to core strengthening in compliance with the modern understanding of biomechanics. It promotes body awareness and proper body alignment, so all exercises are performed in a safe and effective manner. As a result, PILATES is an excellent exercise regimen choice for everyone, from individuals who are in need of additional rehabilitation following an injury or surgery to athletes who wants to take their exercise routines to the next level. 


Not sure if Pilates is right for you?

TRY IT FOR FREE: 30-Minute Private Introductory Session 

  • Learn what Pilates can do for you with no obligation

  • Call (844) 328-5866 to set up a private appointment with La Rae

Introductory Special: $140

  • You loved the 30 min intro and want to give it a shot:

    • Includes Mat and Reformer

    • FREE 30-minute private introductory session (noted above) 

    • THREE 55 min private sessions

Private Pilates Instruction: (see class rates)

  • You have been introduced to Pilates mat and reformer, and want to take it to the next level: 

    • Includes Mat, Reformer, Chair, ARC, one-on-one training

    • Single, Duet, and Trio Classes (TRY WITH A FRIEND!) --55 min sessions available

    • Package Rates available (Discount Rates for Duet and Trio, see class rates)

Group Pilates Classes: (see class rates

  • Series of weekly one-hour classes 

  • Includes Mat, Pilates balls, rings, and more

  • Maximum of 8 People 

  • We have always believed in offering small class sizes to give more hands-on instruction in a safe, comfortable setting. Now more than ever, our small class sizes are the perfect way to maintain your health and fitness while protecting yourself and the community from the spread of viruses. Our space allows participants to spread out, and we maintain rigorous cleaning of our entire office and gym equipment. 

  • Must have a minimum of two people registered for a class to be held. Bring a friend to make it even more fun!

Group Pilates Classes Schedule: 7-week session (see upcoming dates)

  • Mix Pilates: 

    • A combo of Pilates equipment and exercises using the mat, Reformer, ARC, and other pilates tools

  • Stretch & Release Pilates: 
    • Incorporates a mixture of Pilates and non-pilates exercises focusing on strength and flexibility, including the use of foam rollers​

Core Program

Are you looking to transition back into an exercise routine after suffering from chronic pain or an injury? Join our Core Program, a Physical Therapist designed and lead solution. Work one-on-one with a PT or PTA 1-3 times a week in a safe, encouraging, and educational setting to focus on proper body mechanics, spinal stabilization, strength, and flexibility. This program is covered by most insurances based on medical necessity. To begin the program, you will first meet with one of our experienced Physical Therapists to be evaluated on what exercises will be best for you. A customized program will be meet your needs and goals to get you back to exercising and living pain-free. You will use body weight movements, dumbbells, exercise bands, Pilates tools, yoga balls, cardio machines, and more.

We are NOW OFFERING Core Program as a Group Class where initial PT evaluation is not needed.

Call today for more info or to schedule.

Join Us Today!



What should I bring to class?

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring plenty of water. 

Tennis shoes are not necessary. 

Mats are also provided, but feel free to bring your own if you'd like.

How can I succeed in these classes?

CONSISTENCY! To get maximum results, plan to be present for all classes. Your strength, knowledge, and flexibility will improve each week if you stay consistent and motivated.

When do I need to pay?

Please pay for FULL session at time of sign-up.

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