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Patient Education
Plan Of Care Card 

Refillable Water Bottle
Refillable Water Bottle


The general rule on how much water you should be drinking in a day for healthy tissue healing processes and for supporting weight loss is to consume about half your body weight in ounces of water per day.

For more information about hydration click here

Food, Nutrition & Diet

We recommend a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet that is high in protein and vegetables and low in sugars, including no artificial or added sugars in foods, to allow for the best healing environment for your body. Also stay away from processed foods and stick to single ingredient foods as much as possible. Read food labels. A good place to start is the WHOLE 30 diet ( or a Paleo diet. 

For more information on nutrition click here 

Tropical Fruits
Child Pose

Mobility and Breathing Exercises 

For information regarding the Initial HEP Mobility and Exercise click on the PDF below.  


Having good posture isn’t just about standing up straight. Good posture is an impactful factor in long-term health. Postural patterns play a significant role in pain experiences, symptom severity & frequency, and healing.

For more information on posture click here 

Women Practicing Yoga
Modern Office
Modern Office

Workstation Ergonomics

An ergonomic workstation is a good way to promote good posture and to prevent injury from postural stress.

For desk setup tips click here 

Folding Yoga Mat

Body Mechanics with Activities of Daily Living 

Everyday activities done with proper body mechanics can improve your overall health and wellness. 

For more information about proper body mechanics

 click here

Folding Yoga Mat
Folded Towels
Folded Towels

Body Mechanics with Lifting Activities 

Lifting is a common daily activity that can easily increase pain or imbalance in the body if done improperly. 

For more information about lifting body mechanics click here

Refillable Water Bottle

Rest & Diaphragmatic Breathing

We promote movement all the time. But your body also needs rest! Rest is critical for healing from an injury, for the detoxification process, and for balancing activity in your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

For more information about rest & breathing click here

Meditation by the Beach
Refillable Water Bottle

Stress Management 

Everyone needs rest on a daily basis. Most of us experience periods of higher stress in our lives, and we need to manage this stress.

For more information about stress management click here

Couple in Car

Car Setup

Car seats are notorious for promoting problematic positioning.

For more information about Car Setup click here

Couple in Car
Refillable Water Bottle
Sleeping with Eye Mask

Sleep Hygiene

Sleep is so important for the healing of our bodies and our minds. With ongoing poor sleep, our brains don’t have the chance to do their overnight “clean-up” work (done by the Glymphatic system), and we end up with brain inflammation. 

For more information about sleep hygiene click here

Refillable Water Bottle

Sleep Positioning 

Proper sleeping position is essential to relieve stress on the spine, while an unhealthy sleeping position can cause increased stiffness and pain, decreasing quality of sleep.

For more information about sleep positioning and bed mobility click here.

Listening to Music
Bike Race
Bike Race

Daily Movement & Activity Tracker

Move your body every hour. Get up from your desk and stand, walk, get a drink of water or stretch. Also try to walk, bike, run, or swim for 30-45 minutes 3-5 times a week, sign up for exercise classes a couple times a week and stretch daily! 

For more information about movement and habit tracking click here

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