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I am an analytical perfectionist who loves problem solving and helping people become the best self they can be. If pain is in the way of enjoying a fulfilling life, I want to help people overcome this obstacle and live life to the fullest.  I love to educate people so that they truly understand what is happening in their body to produce their symptoms and thereby be an active participant in complete recovery.  My mission is to use my God-given gifts to help their bodies heal more efficiently, to experience relief and to achieve total body balance where all the systems of the body can function as they were originally designed to do - a resilient, self-sufficient, self-healing machine. 

After graduating from UW Madison, I moved to Colorado to explore the Rockies. I began my career in a hospital setting and quickly moved into Corporate fitness at Coors Brewing Company where I followed employee injuries from the moment they happened to full return to work duties.  I also taught WELL BACK schools, performed orthopedic screenings for employees, and designed the Coors Back Conditioning Program.  I have had the privilege of working in a variety of other settings throughout my career as well, from sports rehab and fitness centers, back conditioning clinics, performance testing labs, home care and nursing home settings, and private practice clinics to owning my own utilization management and consulting business. 


I married my husband, Ron, in 1991 and have 7 wonderful children: Ryan, McKenna, Jaron, Devon, Jacob, Brienna, and Zachary.  All are highly active in sports throughout the year so my treatment table is constantly in use even after hours! We like to stay involved in the kids' school and church activities.  As a family, we like to camp, bike, and travel together. When I can find personal time, I like to weight train, run races, bake, cook, write, and read articles and books pertaining to my career and catch up on emails. I have continued my love of learning throughout my career with over 1000 hours of post graduate credits in specialty coursework in physical therapy.


In March of 2013, I realized one of my long term career dreams: I had the privilege of utilizing my therapy skills while doing mission work in Guatemala in our sister parish in San Jose in the village of Yelpemech,  I plan to continue doing more mission work when my kids are out of the house to advance the medical programs in these underdeveloped areas.

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