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Manual Therapy Techniques

With a combined total of more than 146 years, our therapists have undergone extensive post-graduate training in a variety of physical therapy techniques. HANDS-ON MANUAL THERAPY training has provided patients with the best results.  The therapists have studied with renowned instructors and developers of a variety of specific manual therapy techniques such as John Barnes’ myofascial release, Dr. Upledger’s craniosacral therapy, Mulligan mobilization with movement, Phil Greenman’s muscle energy techniques,  Barral’s visceral mobilizations, and extensive training on the manual therapy techniques of Jones Strain Counterstrain.


Traditional physical therapy tends to emphasize a primarily exercise-based approach with minimal use of hands-on manual therapy. The success of exercise-centered therapy is highly dependent on the compliance of the patient and proper selection and education of the exercise techniques. Specific individualized exercises are important for posture, addressing strength imbalances around the joints and the spine, and regaining range of motion; however, there is so much more that can be done to effectively treat a dysfunction. Pain is a signal telling us that something is wrong. Our goal is to problem solve what is causing this pain by doing a thorough evaluation of the whole body. We can easily identify where the pain is but often need to look elsewhere for the cause.  Everybody is unique and deserves an individualized approach. With hands-on manual therapy techniques, tissues of the body are assessed with skilled hands and treated according to these findings with trained techniques. YOU are treated, not just your diagnosis.  Recent research confirms that combining hands-on therapy with specific therapeutic exercise is superior to the standard exercise-alone physical therapy approach. Furthermore, it makes sense to remove joint, fascial, and muscular restrictions before initiating an aggressive exercise program, allowing patients to make a more rapid recovery with less discomfort. 



Specifically, the focus of Strain Counterstrain is to identify and correct the underlying cause of pain and dysfunction, not just treat the symptoms. Developed over a 40-year period by Dr. Lawrence Jones, DO, Strain Counterstrain is a revolutionary treatment technique using a positional release or passive tissue shortening to provide lasting results with no side effects for a myriad of medical conditions. It is a gentle soft tissue manipulation technique where the therapist painlessly releases muscle and connective tissue spasms from all areas and systems of the human body, including the circulatory, lymphatic, and visceral systems. Many of the specialized techniques for the visceral fascia were developed over an eleven-year period by instructor Brian Tuckey PT, OCS, JSCCI.  (Visit Brian’s website at for more detailed information on this unique, effective approach, or visit this site for more info ).


​Check out this video of Counterstrain Academy Instructor Holly Christy, ND, LAc, CACI, explaining how Counterstrain has impacted lives! 




Our TOTAL BODY BALANCING approach to physical health and wellness combines 

➢    A THOROUGH ONE-HOUR evaluation addressing all your concerns 

➢    Skilled HANDS-ON MANUAL THERAPY techniques 

➢    EVIDENCE-BASED specific exercises 

➢    Patient education

➢    ONE-TO-ONE 55 MINUTE treatment sessions  ​

➢    Skilled treatment by a seasoned physical therapist trained in manual therapy techniques

➢    Transition to a safe home exercise program, fitness classes, and self-management techniques ​

Our comprehensive full-body evaluation identifies imbalances, restrictions, and dysfunctions. We listen to your concerns and together establish a treatment plan that addresses your goals with therapy. You can expect to be treated holistically and completely, likely different than you have experienced in other therapy clinics. Our comfortable environment invites you to relax and feel the difference manual therapy can make in your body and life. 

Physician referral not required for initial examination
Most insurances accepted   - please call for verification  (844) DAULTON or (844) 328-5866 (toll-free).

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