Our goal is rapid, complete recovery, and a well-educated patient experiencing TOTAL BODY BALANCE. 

Pain is a signal from your body telling you that something is wrong. Our goal is to find out what is causing your symptoms by performing a thorough full body evaluation considering all systems of the body. With HANDS-ON MANUAL THERAPY techniques, we then guide your body toward complete recovery.

With our TOTAL BODY BALANCE approach, you will experience EFFECTIVE, ACCELERATED, LONG TERM results. You will complete your care with a better understanding about your issue, with thorough education on how you can prevent further injury and how you can optimize your body’s ability to heal and feel better faster. 

Hudson's choice for manual physical therapy 


Jolene Daulton is truly a masterful healer, seeing the body and mind as systems and knowing how to work with them, not against them. When I first came to her with hip problems, she carefully analyzed my range of movement from the neck down, finding resistance in both the Achilles tendons and the neck that affected my hips. Her gentle work of manipulating these areas and my homework of stretching them brought relief and healing to my hips and upper shoulders. it was amazing to watch her work, seeing the connections and knowing how to artfully address them for repair and restoration. She also gave me new pathways for thinking that changed how I looked at my body and what it needs. She aims to teach long-term self-care not dependence upon her for health and comfort. I could not recommend her highly enough.  -Marybeth  (Hudson, WI)

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