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Get Moving in the St. Croix Valley

Summers in the Midwest go by fast, so why not take your exercise outside?

We all know how important staying active is, but sometimes it's just not fun or motivating to do the same exercise routines every day at the gym or at home. Luckily, our bodies aren't picky on how we exercise. What does that mean? You don't have to lift weights or do high intensity workouts for it to count. Utilize the beautiful summer weather to get outside and explore! Now more than ever, we need to keep our immune systems strong and our mental health in-check by getting extra Vitamin D and moving our bodies. Plus, you can get the entire family involved (or take some much needed solo time).

Don't want to walk the same routes around your house for the 100th time? We have you covered. Check out a list we compiled of great spots around the St. Croix Valley that offer plenty of space to get outside and soak in nature. To access these trails, type the name into your GPS navigation or download the AllTrails app for more information on the hike.


Homestead Parklands on Perch Lake

This 0.7 mile loop with 62 ft of elevation is family friendly and perfect for all skill levels. Perch lake also offers several other areas to walk and explore, or take a dip in the water for an aerobic workout!

William O'Brien State Park

Located in Marine On St. Croix, this state park offers several different trails for hikes along the river, prairie land, and lakes. Riverside Trail is 1.8 miles with 49 ft of elevation. Beaver Lodge Trail is 2.2 miles with 98 ft of elevation. William O'Brien State Park Upper Park Trail is 5.5 miles with 337 ft of elevation. We love that there are three different levels of difficulty within one area, but all offer gorgeous views!

Willow River State Park

If you are from the Hudson area, you already know about Willow River. Yes, it is a little crowded on the popular trails especially around the Falls, but there are tons other trails within the state park! Google "Willow River State Park Trails Map" for more info on where to go.

Glover Park Hiking Trails

This little park is a gem for the local community. A network of different trails easily accessed from the parking lot brings you into the woods for a relaxing walk surrounded by nature. This is a great place to walk your dog, and kids love the playground. We highly recommend this walk in the fall, too, when the trees start to change color.

Schaar's Bluff Trail

Enjoy the beautiful bluffs with this easy but scenic 2.1 mile trail with 95 ft of elevation near Hastings, MN. Photo from Twin Cities Outdoors


There are tons of other areas to explore, too! Keeping an active lifestyle does not mean you schedule a block of time every day to lift weights or hop on your Peloton (though that's great to do, too). It means sitting less and moving more! It doesn't have to cost money, and it shouldn't be a burden. Make sure for every hour you sit, take a 10 minute walk. It seems simple, but it is proven to significantly decrease your risk for many health problems.

Get moving, and enjoy the great outdoors!

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