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Myofascial Release Therapist ~ Women's Health Specialist

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I have been a Wisconsin licensed massage therapist (WI 10828-146) since 2011 and am a graduate of the St. Croix Center for the Healing Arts. I specialize in helping people reduce their pain, regain range of motion, and heal body, mind and spirit allowing their energy to flow. This is done by using gentle, educated touch. Sessions are intended to help heal an entire person, not just "a body" through the practice of the Barnes method of myofascial release. 


MFR is a style of therapeutic bodywork focusing on the fascial system that is gentle, highly effective and done with the client clothed. Clients are encouraged to bring or wear a pair of shorts and for women, a loose tank top or a sports bra for their sessions.


I recently completed specific training in Women's Health - The Myofascial Release approach both as a way to learn more ways to help other women with issues including endometriosis, coccygeal (tailbone) pain and c-section scars as well as a way to learn to treat myself due to having broken my own pelvis & tailbone and the ensuing scar tissue and pain. 


I listen to what you tell me with your voice as well as to what your body says through my hands.  Together, we work to help your body heal itself.  I look forward to helping you get back to your active life!


I have two grown children, and live in Bayport, MN with my husband, cats & fish. I love the outdoors and enjoy horse back riding and  motorcycling, yoga, watching hockey, crocheting and various other "crafty" things .

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